Alternative Renewable Energy Helps Fuel the Economy and Create Green Jobs

Alternative Renewable Energy may fuel your green business, but does it also fuel the economy?

The cheaper, quicker and cleaner alternative to fossil fuel power generation also brings with it a less noted advantage: the countless green job careers that require little or no university education. Green jobs provide job security and are also lucrative, considering the growing attention that is being given to environmental concerns in the global media. Standout occupations include urban and regional planning, eco-tourism, environmental attorneys, sustainability specialists, organic food production, conservation biologists, energy and environmental engineers, hydrologists, environmental educators, green software and hardware specialists, wind energy developers and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) sales.

Renewable energy comes from resources which are naturally replenished, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, water and geothermal heat, and is referred to as an alternative to fossil fuels. Alternative renewable energy is quickly becoming a welcomed and valued addition to the economy.

Solar and wind are already multibillion-dollar industries. The marketing and sales divisions of the renewable industry are the most encouraging for job-seekers. Sections of the industry such as third party energy supplies encourage the use of cleaner energy options by reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and make a career in selling renewables a possibility.

Renewable energy not only sustains itself, but it also sustains renewable energy careers and green jobs that require more manpower than traditional fossil fuel generation. As of the date of this article was written, wind power creates approximately 2.7 jobs for every megawatt produced and solar Photovoltaic technology creates 7.2 jobs per megawatt produced. Solar thermal companies are now coming forth to compete with utility-scale fossil fuel power generation and jobs are available. As an alternative to the traditional utility options, Photovoltaic technology and other technologies are being used to obtain clean, renewable energy. Even tourism, the largest business sector in the world economy is giving way to eco-tourism, now growing at three times the rate of the tourism sector itself and is demanding committed workers devoted to the sustainability cause.

Clearly, there are many job and career opportunities available in the alternative renewable energy field.

Alternative Renewable Energy not only fuels the economy, it bridges the gap between the old, fossil-fuel based economy and the new, energy-efficient one by providing job possibilities across every industry. It’s as simple as applying the job skills you already possess, such as web design, sales and management, or manufacturing and applying them to a sustainable industry. Renew your career and solar charge your job by going green!

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