3 Laws of Hand Sanitizers

Everyone should know by now that hand sanitizer is essential for maintaining health and keeping your immune system protected from germs. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have informed us that in addition to washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, using a hand sanitizer to eliminate germs is highly beneficial in reducing your risk for colds and flus, among other illnesses. Here are the 3 Laws to look for when seeking out a good hand sanitizer.

The Law of Effectiveness

In order to be viable as a sanitizing product, you need a hand sanitizer that WORKS. There are many products on the market, but the FDA has specifically approved certain substances as antimicrobial agents. One of those substances is ethyl alcohol. In the correct amounts, best hand sanitizer in sri lanka ethyl alcohol can be 99.9% effective against germs. The common amount is between 62-70% by volume. If a hand sanitizer doesn’t contain an FDA-approved drug like ethyl alcohol, you can’t be certain that it is effective.

The Law of Application

Hand sanitizing isn’t something that the majority of people do on a regular basis. The problem is that they should, but most hand sanitizers are a pain to apply. You have to pull out a teeny tiny bottle, pop the cap, squeeze the gel out in the right amount, and try to spread it around on your hands before it slides off or evaporates. For people with more than 2 hands that’s a simple feat, but for the rest of us it’s a little complicated. The best hand sanitizer application is via a spray bottle, which gives you the right amount per spray and is very simple to do with two hands. If you can’t apply the hand sanitizer easily, why would you be motivated to use it?

The Law of Moisture

Alcohol is a solvent that extracts natural oils from things it touches, including your skin. When your skin loses its natural oils, it dries out. This can be painful and yet ANOTHER reason why people don’t want to use hand sanitizers. That’s why the Law of Moisture says get a hand sanitizer with aloe or some kind of essential oils! The alcohol will evaporate after you’ve rubbed it around to kill germs and then you’ll be left with a pleasant moisturizing solution that will keep your hands from becoming cracked and sore.

Follow these laws and you will find a great hand-sanitizing product that won’t be a pain to use! Hand sanitizing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick, so don’t be afraid anymore – follow the 3 Laws of Hand Sanitizers and protect yourself!

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