How to Start a Pressure Washing Business For Under $100

If you don’t have the financial resources to purchase pressure washing equipment, you can rent a pressure washer for each job until you make enough money to buy your own pressure washer. When first starting out, I highly recommend that you go to a paint store that rents pressure washing equipment. Paint store employees are knowledgeable about pressure washers and they can give you a lot of good advice related to how to use them properly.

To rent a pressure washer, it will cost you about $50 for a half day’s use and $90 for a full day. An average charge for pressure washing a house is between $150-$200 and it will take you about two hours to complete.

You could easily clean three houses a day and after paying the cost of the rental, you can make $500. If you do this for a few days, you will have the money needed to buy your own pressure washer. pressure wash near me

A new commercial grade pressure washer with 100 feet of pressure hose, wand, tips, and garden hose will cost between $1000 – $1500. I recommend buying a “surface cleaner” for pressure washing driveways and sidewalks which will save you a lot of time. New surface cleaners cost between $700 – $1000.

The pressure washing business is very profitable. I own and operate a pressure washing business in Florida and I averaged $75 – $100 per hour on every job. There are not too many businesses where you can make this kind of money per hour. At these rates you can afford to hire some help and let them do all the work so you can just manage business.

To clean a tile roof with a helper takes about 2-3 hours and my average price is $385. After I pay my help and pay for chemicals, my profit is about $315. If I clean six roofs per week, then the profit is about $945 for 18 hours of work. Besides cleaning roofs, I also pressure wash houses, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and screen enclosures. I offer a whole house special for $495, which takes me 3-4 hours to clean.

Owning your own pressure washing business gives you the opportunity to have a very flexible schedule. Most of the time you can schedule a job that fits your schedule. You can work part-time, full-time, mornings or afternoons. This can be a perfect side job for people that have a full-time job with flexibility such as, fireman, paramedics, and police officers, to name a few. This is also a good business for retirees and college students.

A person can quickly learn how to operate pressure washing equipment and with some coaching you can learn how to make a six-figure income with this business. I know businesses that are making over $200,000 per year working five days a week.

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