Best Kitchen Bins For Under 100 Pounds

With the recession slowly fading away and spring time just round the corner I decided to have a little redecoration of my kitchen with the intention of living on more than beans on toast. After spending more than I’d like on wallpaper, flooring and work surfaces, I was shocked at how expensive kitchen “accessories” were, with people asking for hundreds of pounds for kitchen bins, I thought I go on a hunt for some affordable and stylish kitchen bins.

Best kitchen bins for under £100

3# – Simplehuman 38L Butterfly Pedal Bin – £99-£109

The Simplehuman Butterfly bin encompasses style and design beautifully offering 38l of storage with a very small footprint. The innovative lid design opens up laterally allowing it to be stored under kitchen units and tight spaces. The brushed chrome finish looks sleek and contemporary making the bin stylish as well as functional offering a foot pedal and toe kick mechanism.

2# – Brabantia 50L Push Bin – £99-149

Brabantia are synonymous with exceptional quality and exquisite finish. The large 50l capacity provides a lot of room for waste storage with a height of 83cm and a diameter of 40.5cm. Beyond its vast size the push bin also has rubber dampers on the lid to allow the bin to close silently. The lid unit itself is removable making it easy to replace bin liners as well as easy access for cleaning. As standard Brabantia bins come with a 10 year warranty ensuring that your kitchen bins is functioning for years to come.

1# – Simplehuman 46L Deluxe Rectangular Recycler Pedal Bin – £89 – £119

This Simplehuman Recycle bin is my clear favorite when it comes to design and simply great value for money. The bin is split into 2 compartments allowing standard waste disposal as well as recycling of plastics, paper and glass. Each compartment is removable allowing easy disposal of rubbish and recycling, without having a handful of bins in your kitchen. The chrome finish along with the slim profile and design gives the bin great functionality along with a great sense of style. All Simplehuman bins come with a 10 year warrantee.

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