Handling Your Move Without Professional Movers

When the time comes to move, you will realize there is a lot of stress involved with the situation. Even if everything goes as planned, you will still feel worn out when the experience is over with. Some people choose to use professional movers to help them relocate. If you are traveling a far distance or moving a large household, professional movers may be the right option for you. However, small families, single people, those leaving for college, or if you are just moving from a small apartment to another smaller location, you can do it on your own.

There is no need to pay expensive professional movers if you prepare for the move and make sure you have everything you need to help the move go smoothly. Start with all of the necessary materials to help you move materials safely and efficiently. You will need lots of sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes, https://www.mastermovers.co.za/ packing tape, a folding cart or wheeled cart for moving heavier items safely, marking pens, and a master packing list to make sure things stay organized. Once you have everything you need, you can begin the moving process.

Start by packing the items you know you will not need in the next few weeks. This includes seasonal items, extra household items like linens and towels, clothing that you do not plan to wear in the next few weeks, and items you can temporarily do without like DVDs, games, toys, and books. Remember how important it is to carefully label boxes. The outside of the box should include items in the box, as well as the room you want the box to end up in until you are able to unpack it. Next, on your master packing list, record the location of items.

For instance, if your household documents from the last few years are located in a box in the office, write this down. If you need to find these documents, you can refer to the master packing list and locate the box and items quickly. Also be sure to label boxes as “heavy” or “fragile” so people helping you move will know how to handle particular boxes.

Once your boxes are packed, organize moving day. Without professional movers, you are going to need a great deal of support for the big day. Recruit friends and family members to help transport items and carry them to and from your home. If you know anyone with larger trucks or vans, the space will come in handy. You may need to rent a large truck to transport furniture from one location to another.

This is much cheaper than using professional movers, but it is still an expense for which you need to plan. If you are concerned about having too many people helping, never fear. The more hands you have lugging boxes from the truck to your new abode, the quicker things will go. Do not forget to offer your helpers plenty of free pizza following the big move.

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