Piping For Cupcakes – Things You Will Need

Learning the correct techniques in piping for cupcakes will take you a lot of practice, and the many talented chefs and bakers you see that have nice piping skills didn’t get them overnight.

Believe me, piping for cupcakes will take a significant amount of practice, but there’s something else that you’ll need in order to get nice piping patterns on your cupcakes.

And that’s the right equipment.

Believe it or not, https://www.eathu.com/ your equipment does play a part in your piping for cupcakes, and here are 2 major classes of things that you will need to start piping your cupcakes.

Item Class 1 – Piping Nozzles

There are several notable brands in the market, but I stick to Wilton, which is by far the most reliable, affordable and usable brand I know of.

Wilton has an extensive range of piping nozzles, and they too have some publications of piping patterns that each of the nozzles can achieve, so you have a reference on what nozzles to buy to get your desired cupcake decorations.

Also, Wilton piping nozzles make use of quality materials that’s meant to be food safe and it last you a lifetime. I have bought cheaper brands out there that rust or oxidize within months, and they are anything but non-toxic and lasting.

Item Class 2 – Piping Bags

Now, depending on what you prefer to use in piping for cupcakes, you have many options when it comes to piping bags.

In my opinion, there isn’t the best piping bag in the world. Different types work for different people, and here are 3 major kinds that you can use in piping for cupcakes.

Ready Made Piping Bags

These are convenient plastic piping bags that you can use, and the reason why you will want to use them is that they are reasonably priced, easy to fill with cream or ganache, and easy to control.

The only downside is that they need proper washing each time you use them, and you’ll need to buy many of them when you need many colours ready at one time.

Self Made Piping Bags

And that’s using greaseproof paper.

When you use these in piping for cupcakes, you can double up your greaseproof papers as piping bags. The downside is that they get soaked up with oil (when you pip melted chocolate) or get wet (when you pip cream) quickly, so they will burst easily.

Also, they can be difficult to make if you don’t know how. So use this option only when you’re more experienced.

Disposable Ready Made Piping Bags

This option is by far the best in piping for cupcakes in my opinion. They work the same way as ready made piping bags, except that they come in clear plastic sheets that you can dispose off after each use.

And I love them because not only do I not have to wash them, they don’t soak up oil or water and burst easily like self made piping bags with greaseproof paper, making them really clean and easy to use.

The downside is that you’ll need to keep buying them because they tend to run out pretty fast.

Again, let me mention that there isn’t a best piping bag, and it’s really up to your own personal preference. So instead, I recommend that you try them all out for yourself, and see which suits you more.

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