Secure Your Home – The Case For Steel Security Doors

Steel security doors have never been more popular. If you’re wondering exactly what they are, they are extremely strong doors which provide a vital layer of security if you are attempting to keep out home intruders. Even if you have a burglar alarm, an intruder can kick in an average wooden door, grab your expensive possessions and be gone before the police arrive.

But a steel security door not only slows down burglars, often discouraging them from trying to invade your home in the first place, but keeps them from getting in at all. Home security is a primary function of these doors and should be at the top of the list for any homeowner who wants ultimate protection and peace of mind when it comes to stopping home invasions.

In short, you have complete added strength on your doors and doorway, usually the first choice for criminals who target your home. Larger items simply can’t go through windows but will fit through doors. Also, doors which are located behind homes or are not visible from the street are particularly attractive to thieves. Why leave them unprotected?

Steel security doors have features which maximize protection. They offer 10 to 20 times more protection than wooden doors. Other features include intruder resistant fly straps, tamper proof hinges, lock boxes with extra protection. and more. Safety is also an added benefit. To put it simply, wood doors can burn and steel doesn’t.

So who needs to have steel security doors? Of course, anyone who lives in a marginal or rough neighborhood definitely should purchase them. That is almost a no brainer.

But homes in even the best neighborhoods are also vulnerable. Crime statistics for those neighborhoods are surprisingly high. Professional and even amateur thieves want to get into high end homes and make off with expensive items.

If you talk to home security experts, such as professional residential locksmiths you’ll discover that they suggest a layered approach to home protection. In short, you should never rely on simply a burglar alarm or even a barking dog to feel safe in your home.

They may be helpful but only a steel security door keeps the primary access to your home from being vulnerable. Hinges are tamper proof and nothing withstands break-in attempts like steel.

Also keep in mind that most burglars don’t want to waste time or risk being noticed. They want to get in and out of a home quickly. Experienced thieves can spend as little as 5 or 10 minutes in your home. They know how to target specific items or check closets and drawers within minutes.

But they are sometimes surprised by homeowners who return unexpectedly. That homeowner could be you and you could be putting yourself at risk. Steel doors protect against that. You won’t have to worry about coming home to a door which has been easily kicked in.

Some people worry that steel doors may be unattractive or take away from the curb appeal of their homes. But today’s steel security doors are nothing like those of the past. They come in a huge variety of extremely attractive designs. If you are used to thinking only of black steel doors in a limited number of patterns, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the newest options.

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