Who is Mr Squiggles? Where to Find Zhu Zhu Pets

The holiday shopping season has yet to officially begin and already there seems to be a new craze for the 2009 holiday season: Zhu Zhu Pets. What are these creatures and why do they produce such hysteria? What on earth is Chunk? Who is this Mr. Squiggles? What about Pipsqueak? Who is Num Nums? More importantly, where can you find them?

What is a Zhu Zhu Pet?

Zhu Zhu Pets are robotic hamsters that make a variety of noises and move about randomly through the various available accessories. There is the Funhouse, Adventure Ball, Surfboard, Skateboard, Car and Garage, Carriers, Blankets, and a few others. All of these make it possible for the Zhu Zhu Hamsters to keep you laughing for hours with their cute and crazy antics. Children are hooked by the face paced and energetic commercial, begging their parents for what will be the hottest toy of the holiday season.

Why the Craze?

Why are we surprised? Every year there is a must have toy of the Christmas season such as the Cabbage Patch Dolls, Tickle Me Elmo, Butterscotch ponies, and so on. The hot toy contenders make their appearance in late summer and early fall, and one lucky toy catches the attention of children across the country. This starts the hunt since supplies are limited and the manufacturer can not keep up with the demand. How many years have we watched the news and seen parents assaulting each other over a toy. Well, this year it is the Zhu Zhu Pets and expect it to be even worse since they sell for under forty dollars. In this tough economy, that is music to a parent’s ears.

Where to Find Zhu Zhu Pets?

In order to actually get your hands on these elusive Zhu Zhu Hamsters, it will take determination and careful planning. Here are a few tips to help you along with your quest: https://numly.io/

Different stores get their shipments in on different days, at different times. Call your local store and ask when their delivery is and if they have a waiting list. My local Wal-Mart will tell you how many of a particular toy they have coming in and at what time. For the Butterscotch pony a few years ago, they also had a list. You had to be there when the toy came in, but they would go down the list and call people up for how ever many came in on the truck. It took me about a week and a half, three trips to Wal-Mart at six at night to get on the list, and then waiting until midnight when the trucks were unloaded.

Another idea is to have family members in other states check their stores. While Mr. Squiggles may be impossible to find in New York state, he may be common place in Iowa where Pipsqueak is the one that sells out fast. Keep in mind, the closer to Christmas it gets, the less likely it is that these hamsters will be anywhere.

Try your luck on the auction sites. For this strategy, it is all about timing. Look for auctions that are ending between five and seven in the afternoon. The reason for this is that most people are commuting and not watching auctions or at work for the nightshift. Wait until that last few minutes to place your bid and you may get lucky enough to snag a Zhu Zhu Pet for near wholesale prices.

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